At Green Wagon Cleaning, we are for real. We work with busy households just like yours. We provide reliable, high-quality, earth-friendly cleaning services that shine up homes, top to bottom. Let us help you identify and achieve your vision of a healthy, clean, and serene residence. You will love the way your home smells, looks, and feels - without hurting Mother Earth.


As a service to our clients and family, to release a weekly blog called "People Who Can Love You From a Distance"!

It will feature three of my community resources that can help you with your remote life and give you remote services while you're in your home!


We provide house cleaning for residences of all sizes. Services include:  Recurring Cleaning ServicesMove-in and Move-out Cleaning  , Deep Cleaning, Small Business/Office Cleaning, & Gift Cleanings & Gift Certificates.


Our earth-friendly, low-impact cleaning products provide high results. Working with our team, you’ll be liberated from the stressful obligation of trying to keep everything tidy, while being confident you’re doing it without hurting Mother Earth.



We currently cover all addresses in the Seattle city limits, parts of Bellevue and Mercer Island, and continue to expand. Our service area also includes Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, Edmonds, and Burien.