We partner to maintain a fresh and healthy home that you love spending time in.

We work with busy households just like yours. We provide regular, reliable cleaning services that shine up homes, top to bottom. Our experienced, trustworthy, friendly team will work together with you to identify and achieve your vision of a healthy, clean, and serene residence, removing the stressful obligation of maintaining it.

Since 2006 we’ve been skillfully and lovingly helping customers thrive in a sparkling home they consider their sanctuary. We’re passionate about thoughtful care for the earth and our neighbors. Our “sweet spot” lies at the intersection of both skills and passion – using earth-friendly, low-impact products to provide the highest results by working as a team with our customer. Our shared goal: liberate you from cleaning tasks and processes we excel at, leaving you more time to enjoy your home. 


We’re your “secret weapon” in achieving and enjoying the spotless household you desire — efficiently, effectively, compassionately.

For over 14 years, we’ve loved helping people feel more in control of their lives, by removing the chores associated with maintaining a household. We’re thrilled to give customers more time — and the opportunity — to focus on their families, careers, and enjoying personal time.

As a growing business, we seek to enhance the enjoyment of our crew members’ lives, as well as our customers’ — creating a collaborative experience that cares for everyone involved. We take pride in forming real and authentic bonds, built on trust and exceptional communication, ensuring an outstanding customer experience.

“I am a real estate agent in Seattle and have GreenWagon clean listings prior to coming on the market. Very thorough, trustworthy and reasonable.”


“Every time I look forward to coming home to shiny bathrooms and a clean kitchen. Highly recommend."


“Everything was sparkling and I felt great being in my space again. I also trust them to respect my stuff!”


Our commitment to the green cleaning philosophy stretches far beyond your home. We extend our service to the earth as members and sponsors of organizations including Green America, Climate Solutions, and Greenpeace.

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