Why Choose Us?

Proven expertise + a high-performing team + environmentally friendly cleaning products = exceptional service.

A 14-year track record of providing stellar green cleaning services in and around Seattle. A dedicated, well-trained, high-performing team. Locally sourced, Earth-friendly products. Impeccable judgement. Genuine care and concern for our clients. Strong, consistent, real-time communication. Community engagement across organizations and individuals. It all adds up to a solid grasp of managing green cleaning with a team and service you can trust to leave your home looking, smelling, and feeling the way you love.


Our partnership-centered approach delivers personalized services fulfilling your unique vision of cleanliness 

We'll provide a quote for a whole-house cleaning that details out the dirt-busting tasks and environmentally smart cleaning strategies that we employ to ensure that every house is cleaned to the customer’s satisfaction. We create real solutions for real people, emphasizing excellence, custom-tailored attention to detail, and superior value at a competitive cost. Consistent performance from long-established, highly cohesive teams delivers the utmost quality with each session.

Our earth-friendly, low-impact cleaning products provide high results 

Maintaining a fresh and healthy home can seem overwhelming. We delight in creating a sparkling homestead you’re ecstatic to return to, a sanctuary you’re overjoyed to live in, and a warm and inviting place where you love entertaining guests. Working with our team, you’ll be liberated from the stressful obligation of trying to keep everything tidy, while being confident you’re doing it without hurting Mother Earth.

We lead with compassionate care for the earth and our neighbors, while nurturing our customers and their property

Our dedication extends far beyond cleaning your residence. Our primary focus is on providing true care and love for our clients and their homes, including free services for those battling serious illness, relieving them of worry at a stressful time. We extend our service to the earth as members and sponsors of organizations including Green America, Climate Solutions, and Greenpeace. We’re proud of maintaining strong long-term relationships based on trust and exceptional communication with our clients, whom we consider part of our extended family.