Beautiful People Who Can Love You From A Distance – Issue 3!

Man, thank you guys!!!!

First of all, thanks to everyone who’s reached out to say that they read the blog and appreciate the resources! I’ve been appreciating these resources also. It helps to know that if you need something, help is usually just a click or a call away. That gives me personally a lot of comfort.

I really thought about how I wanted to use this issue and what I wanted to highlight here. I know for me personally as a single woman and a single mother at home by myself, I have enjoyed being beautiful for ME! It is very normalizing to get up every day and to pick a look that makes me feel successful, beautiful, and empowered. I can visualize myself and my businesses better on the other side of this thing if I can see myself as beautiful, powerful, and successful in the present moment.


I can’t go one more step before I talk to you about my hair stylist – NOT kidding.  

People who have known me forever know that I have always prided myself for doing my own hair. When I met Mikhael I didn’t have any idea how much I actually needed  her. I’m providing you a before and after to show you how far she has taken me and my head since we started working together – from cray cray pirate hair to sincerely gorgeous domestic goddess.

Before Mikhael Magic….

There are many things that she does for my head, but the most valuable thing to be BY FAR… has been my Brazilian blow out. My hair was buggered. Like, literally breaking apart. First, she cut all the literally dead hair off my head, so I had a bob for a while – at least shoulder-length. But the rebuild has been fa


ntastic because of those keratin treatments – they literally make my hair shiny, and no one in the history of my whole life has EVER accused my hair of being shiny until now.

Mikhael has some services that she’s able to provide for you right now and I’m really excited to give you this info that she passed on to me! Here’s Mikhael:

“Currently I’m offering complimentary virtual product consultations. I can screen share and recommend products based on the clients needs and educate how to use them. I’m also doing virtual style lessons. They can purchase gift cards for future appointments as well.”

Take the online styling classes because those are SUPER FUN and you should try that right away! Plus their product is amazing!  Here’s Mikhael’s contact info:

Mikhael Twyman
Factory Hair Seattle, 2064508695,


Next, feeling put together for me has also included proper nail care. When I was cleaning I didn’t often keep long nails because they just get dirty or damaged or fall off. But now that I’m at home more I’ve enjoyed having great nails again. And Jodie O’Toole with Hot Mess Nails has changed my nail care routine FOREVER by providing me with real polish that is dry instantly and is extra-fancy! She sells Color Street Nail Care which is real polish sheets that apply easily and last for two weeks! I know everyone is having to care for their own right now, so I wanted to get some info to you that Jodie gave to me about a Facebook event that she has coming up! Here’s Jodie!

“Are you missing the salons? I can’t help with hair or eyelashes, but I CAN help you with your nails!

Everyone is invited to a Facebook party to learn how to paint your nails at home in 10 minutes with Color Street nail polish! New to Color Street? It:
-Is 100% dry nail polish
-Applies with no tools.
-Costs $11-13 a set.
-Is easy to apply.
-Lasts up to 10-14 days.
-Comes off with nail polish remover.

Party will happen in a Facebook Group on Thursday April 30th at 5 PST. RSVP “interested” or “going” here at this event:

Check back at the event in a couple days for the link to the actual party. It will be a fun and easy “party” with posts all about Color Street and prizes for hanging out!

Everyone is welcome. There is no purchase necessary. If you are unable to make it at that time, the posts in the group will stay up so you can catch up when you have time.

Already love or want to try Color Street? You are welcome to ALWAYS order here: If you items are out of stock, I have a huge on hand inventory. Email me your choices at and I will likely have it for you!”

So come to Jodie’s Nail Party! I’ll ironically be purchasing my favorite – Only In Vegas!


Next – movement has been a theme here on the blog in the past, but in the history of human movement very rarely has any movement been so graceful as that of bellydance. I met Leslie Rosen at a tribal bellydance class back in 2002! And now, she not only dances for a living, she’s also a stilt performer AND a circus performer AND a musician with the band Black Hearts Society. Needless to say she’s f-ing cool…..

Leslie teaches bellydance and is offering classes on Zoom – pay what you can! If you haven’t tried this wonderful art form yet PLEASE do! It’s amazing for your core muscles and for feeling beautiful inside and out! Here is more information on Leslie’s teaching opportunities:



In solidarity with the
Seattle & King County Public Health COVID-19 plan
Dance class will be on-line until we are cleared to go back to the studio

We will not go dark. Dance with us!

Wednesday! Apr 8, 15, 22, 29 May 29, 13, 20, 27 June 3, 10

6pm toolbox 7pm workout
Live Stream from Facebook
Patron and student registration is appreciated – Tips Jar: Venmo LeslieRosenPerformanceArt Paypal

Monday! Monday Night Zoom! 6pm Live Class available April 6 – June 8

Additional bellydance class info HERE!


OK – this last stop is near and dear to my heart in so many ways I well up with emotion to tell you about it. Yoga connects me to  my higher self – inner beauty comes from knowing yourself and loving yourself so that you can know and love others. My favorite teacher is one of my best friends forever, my Shmoo, Kelly Cirone of Kelly Cirone Yoga out of Kansas City, MO. I have been this woman’s friend since 1999. Kelly embodies grace, beauty inside and out, humility, a kind and loving nature, and yoga skill that she is very good at passing on to others with such gentle compassion. She is quite literally one of the kindest, most wonderful people I’ve ever known, and I want to be like her when I grow up.

Kelly is offering some Zoom classes, and here is how you get set up with that:

  1. First, you need to like Kelly Cirone Yoga on Facebook
  2. Second, there are three classes coming up soon! Here they are:
    1. FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2020 AT 12 PM – 1 PM CentralDaylightTime
      Plank+Stretch – Zoom class
    2. FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2020 AT 6 PM – 8 PM CentralDaylightTime (I AM ATTENDING THIS CLASS!!!!)
      Friday Night Chill – Zoom class (special notes for this one from Kelly: “The main thing I like to emphasize is that I really want people to be comfortable. We are going to hold some floor poses supported with props at the beginning, but the rest of the time is lying down without movement. So people might want extra pillows to prop up with if they’re feeling congested. They might want support under their knees or hips. You can literally practice in bed, but the goal is not to fall asleep, so if you want to put down a mat and top it with a bunch of comforters and pillows that might help. It’s not the end of the world if someone falls asleep. Some people are def going to do this tomorrow, but I’m trying to take you to a place that lies between.”
    3. SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2020 AT 9 AM – 10:30 AM CentralDaylightTime
      Deep Stretch Yoga – Zoom class

You won’t be disappointed if you attend ANY of these classes. All of the wonderful things Kelly does, including her succulent plant business AND her plans for a future Adult Summer Camp! are available at her wonderful website! She is joy so everything she does is delicious!


Alrighty – I’m outta here for now! If you know someone who needs a shout out on this thing, drop me a line at my email at! Adios!