Our Newest Edition – People Who Can Love You From A Distance!

We’re back at it after a 2-week hiatus!

Hello everyone – well I had a break from People Who Love You because Green Wagon just launched our new website! It had been in the works for 6 months before the lockdown and this time had allowed my amazing webmaster Cami MacNamara from WebCami Design to finish it! It’s a very good website – something we can now be proud to show and I hope it enhances this blog! You can find WebCami’s portfolio and a free website diagnostic tool @ https://webcami.com/!


Next, the focus of the blog post today is going to continue with some more health-related providers who are helping people get through the lockdown stronger, better, and more grounded.


Denise Geroux - Personal Trainer

I’d REALLY like to tell you a story about the next provider. She told a story on Thursday about her first “Personal Training Serenade!” No kidding! She gave her client instruction through her large back window! The trainer stood in the yard giving instruction, then her client would implement the instruction inside, while the trainer looked through the window and gave her corrections! I was pretty impressed with her level of commitment to her clients! Here is what Denise from Shizendo Fitness has to say about her own remote training programs:

“Shizendo Fitness is offering Online Workouts through ZOOM meeting app on M-W-F-Sat, 9:30am – 10:30am.

First live workout OR video recorded workout is complimentary! High energy, safe form, good fun in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) bodyweight workouts in your own living room!

All levels welcome – it’s about keeping moving during these stressful times! Email to get the latest link to the next workout or access to the pre-recorded workouts directly to Coach Denise.

Hope to sweat with you soon!

Coach Denise Geroux
Email: shizendo@aol.com”

You can find Denise also on Alignable, where you can also see reviews from previous clients! Here’s that link: https://www.alignable.com/seattle-wa/shizendo-fitness


Next – I feel like I’d be remiss in my duties as a human if I didn’t tell you about my primary healthcare provider, and friend, Angela Ross at Lifespan Naturopathic Medicine. I feel really lucky to have her as a care provider in so many ways, but she has a couple great ways that she can help you right now.  I asked her to coalesce her remote offerings for you guys, because she has been as absolute LIFELINE for me during this time, and to have at your fingertips a healthcare provider that you can contact that puts you FIRST and gives you the time you deserve is so crucial! This is what Dr. Ross had to say:


“Dr. Angela Ross continues to offer primary and adjunctive naturopathic medical care via a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform at Lifespan Naturopathic Medicine. Do you have questions about how to maintain a healthy immune system during this pandemic? Are you feeling increased anxiety and stress with all of the upheaval and unknowns? Are you struggling with sleep in light of changes to your schedule or child care or tension? Do you have an acute or chronic condition that you want to discuss with a licensed physician? Do you want expert feedback on dietary changes, physical activity, or supplement regimen that you are considering? Do you have symptoms that you worry might be related to the novel coronavirus? Dr. Ross can provide any and all of this care while you remain safe in the comfort of your home. Rules and regulations pertaining to telemedicine are constantly changing during this unprecedented time, but health insurers are being directed to cover virtual visits to the same extent that they cover in-person visits and rules have been lifted around the need to have care established in person prior to using telemedicine. Of course, every insurer and insurance plan is different, so you are encouraged to make sure that your individual plan provides naturopathic medical coverage via telemedicine at this time. (Dr. Ross is credentialed as an in-network provider with First Choice Health Network, LifeWise Health Plan of Washington, Premera Blue Cross, and Regence Blue Shield.) You can learn more about Dr. Ross and her practice and you can request a virtual appointment at her website: http://www.lifespannaturopathic.com/.”

She’s really amazing. You should check her out.



Lastly, work around dentistry has changed a LOT lately, so my dentist Dr. Michael Korn wanted to get the word out about the world of dentistry is like now, and what his office can do for you, if you need it:

Dr. Korn understands that lots of folks are losing their dental insurance during this crisis and is offer a flexible solution to new and current patients:

“As your next appointment approaches, we wanted to let you know about our in-house membership club for our uninsured patients. If you’ve experienced a recent loss of your dental insurance benefits, you’re eligible to join and save money on your next visit…

It’s a simple idea… If you ever find yourself without dental coverage, just join our membership club on or before your next visit with us. As a membership club member, you’ll pay only a $99 activation fee (which will cover that visit’s cleaning, exam, and any routine x-rays) and then $45/mo*. Then, as a loyal member, all your future exams, cleanings, and x-rays are completely taken care of.

That’s an annual savings of $529 for your preventive care – and all for just agreeing to be a loyal patient on our membership club. Plus, as an added benefit, our membership club members save 20% on any needed treatment**.

Thank you for being a loyal patient of our office. Please know that your dental health matters to us. Here’s to a healthy smile – with or without insurance!

I’m doing teledendistry consultations. Patients would just need to call our office at 206.935.5210 or go to the Contact Us page on our website to schedule an appointment.” Here’s that website link: https://michaelkorndds.com/

I’m really encouraged by seeing the resilience and adaptability of all of us during this time.  I’ll continue as a service to my customers to publish this blog as a way to help and get us as ready as we can be for the New Normal we are all walking into. It’s clear that things are changing at a breakneck speed.  It’s my hope that this blog helps you to stay nimble and roll with the punches.
Stay safe, great health to you, and we will see you back out there soon <3
Benni Sack
Green Wagon Cleaning