The first blog dedicated to those who can love you from a distance!!!

Hey friends,

I hope you’re hanging in there! As I’ve been navigating this completely unusual time, I have been trying to think of creative ways to be useful to our community and to my clients and friends. Green Wagon made the difficult decision to close during this time. There are many reasons why, but the biggest one was that we felt like it was best for everyone involved if we weren’t going in and out of multiple homes a week. So, I now have more time to think about how Green Wagon my continue to be a resource for good in the interim.

I am a member of a local networking group, and many of my colleagues there have been releasing online services that they can provide from afar via Zoom or other online or digital means. I am also super lucky to have some wonderful resources among my friends and family who also have additional services to offer in this vein. So, I have decided, as a service to our clients and family, to release a weekly blog called “People Who Can Love You From a Distance”! It will feature three of my community resources that can help you with your remote life and give you remote services while you’re in your home!

Let’s get started right away!

This week we are focusing on Health and Medical!

First I’d like to introduce my friend, Fawn Coussens at Kinetic Physical Therapy. Her practice has an offering that I wanted to tell you about! She is offering some distance therapy consultations right now, and she has a lot of information on those services, plus potential for insurance billing and how to schedule it on her website:

Next, I hadn’t realized that people aren’t hearing about Washington Apple Health re-opening their enrollment period. Well, they have, and now you can replace your health insurance if you coverage has been dropped through May 9th, 2020! If you find this task daunting, there’s help for you. PLEASE contact my friend and colleague, Carol McClure at Financial Designs insurance – you can make a tele-appointment on the website and Carol or a member of her staff will contact you by phone, take your information from you, and discuss your options for coverage. You could become reinsured TODAY! Don’t hesitate – it’s also a good time to do it if you procrastinated last year and missed the cutoff. Anyone can sign up right now through May. Here’s the website:

Next, I wanted to highlight services with hypnotherapist Patricia Eslava Vessey from Integrity Coaching and Training. A lot of us have been looking at this downtime as a space that is cleared for us so we have a quiet place to look at things in our life we’d like to change. Patricia has been offering hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom, phone, and Skype. You can find a full list of her services, including an online store where you can purchase hypnotherapy resources and her book, at the following URL:


Last, I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t give a shout out to my amazing graphic designer, Lindsay Fournier of Lindsay Fournier Graphic Design, who made the banner for our new blog posts! And, she’s offering 50% certain services that she provides right now!

You can find Lindsay at

We will be blogging once a week until the crisis is over to help you find the pros you need to get you through. Know someone who’s offering remote services who you fee we should promote on the blog? Send me an email at!

​Thanks, everyone and BE SAFE!